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Inventories and Self Assessment

A variety of tools are used to help students identify strengths as well as launch discussions that can guide the college search process.

College Search

Michelle will use her expertise to guide students in identifying various characteristics that are important for them.  In the college search, we delve into a variety of nuances that distinguish each college.

The Right Fit College List

Developing the college list is so exciting for the consultant and the student!  Together, they will identify schools for the student to research resulting in a list of schools the student is excited about applying to, taking into account the social, academic, and financial fit of the school. Often, students and parents discover a college they didn’t know anything about previously.


Once students complete the previous steps they’ll be able to craft an application that highlights why they are a good fit for each of their selected colleges.  This includes guidance on college essay topics and structure.

Decision Time

As your student receives offers from colleges, Michelle will provide insight on understanding all that is included in those offers so that families can make an informed decision.

Image by Lee Chinyama
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